FastKeys is powerful Windows automation application
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FastKeys is a true timesaver. It can automate most of your Windows repetitive and tedious tasks and commands by providing you with shortcuts, a wide choice of mouse gestures, auto-complete routines, etc. All the elements in the in-built libraries are fully configurable, and you can add as many new ones as needed. As a bonus, it also helps you configure your start menu in the most convenient way.

The program’s nice-looking and intuitive interface is organized into five main areas – the start menu, the shortcuts, the text expander, the auto complete strings, and the mouse gestures. Each of these areas opens a list of already existing entries, which you can easily edit and modify by right-clicking on one of them. New entries are equally easy to create, as the program offers you extensive libraries of commands, key strokes, and scripts for you to add to your new automated tasks.

The text expander will transform known abbreviations into full text regardless of the application you are using. The auto-complete function works in a similar fashion, using advanced algorithms that recognize and predict words and phrases in a snap. When available, you can also make use of FastKeys’ support for touch screens and create your own start menu to launch your favorite apps in a fast and efficient way. Mouse gestures are probably one of the program’s more interesting features – it allows you to make the most of your mouse by assigning commands and complex tasks to a simple movement of your mouse. Shortcuts are very much like macros – they will allow you to perform nearly any Windows task with a simple keystroke.

Whichever way you look at it, FastKeys is a tool worth trying by anyone willing to get the most out of their time at the computer.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear and well-organized interface.
  • Good selection of profiles.
  • Highly level of customization and flexibility.


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